Comp Sci

Android App Development – Spring 2020

News App

  • Android app which uses the Google News API to display top news articles and a search function which displays related articles to an inputted key word. User must sign up by creating a username and password which is stored using Firebase Authentication. Created in partnership with Allison Robbins.

Daily Planner

  • Android app that utilizes Kotlin geocoding, networking and data from the Yelp & DC Metro APIs to display restaurants, attractions and the nearest Metro station on an in-app map based on a user’s inputted location and search preferences

Databases – Spring 2020

Disney World Database

  • Created mock-database for Disney World’s park, employee, and visitor data including schemas for each relation and a programmed database using mySQL. User interface included login, search and view window for queries and options to insert, update, or delete records.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality – Spring 2020


  • Virtual Reality game where a user is set on a landing in outer space and must clear their landing of asteroids before time runs out. Implemented features including teleportation, collisions and respawning, using Unity.

Software Engineering – Fall 2019


  • Created a linked list data structure in both C and Java which holds a playlist: artist name, song, and song duration. Songs can be added to the end of the list, added to the list sorted by duration or artist name, removed from the list and the lists can be cleared.

Humans vs Zombie

  • Java program which runs a simulation where different “Creatures” (Vampires, Humans, Priests, and Ogres) move about the field and try to convert or save other creatures.

Chat Server

  • Server and client Java program which uses threading to allow users to exchange messages by connecting to a shared ChatServer. Typing a message and hitting send transmits the desired message to the server, which in turn forwards the message to any other client that is connected

Computer Architecture – Fall 2019

Assembly Encryption/Decryption

  • LC3 Assembly program that allows a user to input a message and either encrypt or decrypt it using a 3-level encryption/decryption encodement procedural.

Search Engine

  • C program which sorts files using a HashMap and returns the most relevant file based on an inputted search term. Algorithm accounts for term frequency ranking of a given query based on real-world search engine algorithms.